Thursday, October 18, 2018

Stick it to the 'man' and get Free TV!

I've recently had rave reviews, from several Sonoma residents, when I was able to get them 66 channels of FREE TV, including 22 in stations in high definition and all of the major networks (ie ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS) A lot of people are extremely upset at what they pay for U-verse, DirecTV or Comcast. The typical bill for TV, Internet and Phone can run close to $200 with at last half of that being the TV fee’s.

30 years ago, before the proliferation of Cable TV, we all had antennas mounted on the TV or the roof and received free programming. Today, the terrestrial antenna that mounts to your roof or the nearest tree is the same VHF/UHF antenna we used 30 years ago to. Most of the Bay Area programming comes off of Sutro Tower in San Francisco, but there are also transmission antennas in Sacramento, San Jose and Santa Rosa. The key is finding the antenna that will provide you the most stations. (see link below to help with this decision)

The addition of network Apps, like HBO, Showtime, Lifetime, etc., allow a household to get the free network stations via the antenna and then use these Internet Apps to add to their existing streaming services like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon for content. Most flat panel TV’s come with these Apps installed and also a connection for an antenna.

Most installations are simple as we can use the existing wiring in your home to connect the antenna. If you are a DSL Internet customer, setup is very easy. If you are a Comcast Internet customer, we will need to add an extra coax cable from the exterior of the house to your Internet modem’s location. The caveat is that unless your house has extra wiring, or we install additional technology, you can not have terrestrial signal, and U-verse/Comcast TV services running on the same wiring.

Turn off your providers TV service and the installation pays for itself in 6-12 months. Residents who rarely watch TV and/or are retiree’s are especially appreciative of this technology. The antenna range is up to 80 miles depending upon geography features and there are many types of antenna if you are concerned about their looks.

You can learn more about terrestrial antennas at Wikipedia:

Here are a few links to find the stations you can get for free, depending upon your antenna placement and the city you live in:

This link gives you approximate signal strength but the strength is completely reliant upon the type of antenna you install.

This link is created by a company that also sells products.

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